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Training of Health Professionals                      

There is currently a shortage of healthcare professionals. It will worsen if something is not done.   I propose to have a large program of educational grants for qualified students in healthcare specialties. Such grants will carry a commitment of years of service in public health positions. This will be similar to programs which the US armed forces have had for many years.

 At an October 2007 reunion of space systems military intelligence analysts from 35+ years ago (Foreign Technology Division then) I was pleased to renew my acquaintance with a then young officer who left about 1970 to go to medical school under Air Force sponsorship.  He had completed his Air Force career and had been in private practice (a neurologist) for some years.  We talked about universal health care and other medical (and energy) issues.  I was proud of his very obvious passion for good patient care and interest in other problems of our nation like energy.  We met again as much older men but, to me, he was still the young guy who left to do good.  He had done good and still was doing good.  He agreed to read what I have to say in this web site about medical issues and give me critical comment and suggestions.  I look forward to that.

Training of Engineers and Scientists

We are falling behind the rest of the world in math and science. This is reflected in the testing of our students and in technological development. We must make a concerted effort to improve in this area. We should identify our best math and science students early (by sixth grade). They should be placed in advanced classes in math and science. We should develop special computer based training for them and make available special classes at local universities. Their progress should be tracked so that we can identify the best methods of accelerating their development.

As with health professionals, there should be a large program of educational grants carrying commitments to years of practice in the profession.