Speech for Ted, Tea Party Forum 10/13/16

Ted Strickland, one of 7 children of a steel worker, was the first of his family to go to college. He remains close to his family and the working people of Ohio. Our needs are his priority.
In contrast, Rob Portman was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. Wall Street banks, insurance companies, corporations and the wealthiest 1% are his priorities.
While Ted will fight to strengthen Social Security by raising the wage cap, Portman wants to enrich Wall Street by privitizing Social Security and would raise the retirement age.
Ted will fight to strengthen Medicare and lower the age requirement.
Portman wants to make Medicare a voucher program where people will have to negotiate with insurance companies on their own and be subject to previous condition denials and policy cancellations.
Ted would remove the Republican passed prohibition against Medicare negotiating drug prices. Portman will fight to keep that expensive gift to the drug companies.
For all legislation important to the people of Ohio, Ted will fight for us. Portman will serve the corporations and the wealthy.
I'm sure you've noticed that Portman ads are non-stop on your TV and Ted has none in the Dayton area. That's because the Koch brothers have thrown 10s of millions of dollars into Portman's campaign.
The right wing majority on the Supreme Court opened the floodgates for money going into our elections with their Citizen United and McCutheon decisions. Their intent was for people like the Kochs to own our elections and politicians. The Kochs have targeted Portman as a politician they will own. He will serve their interests. He will not serve the people of Ohio.
The voters can turn the Kochs back if they rally around Ted Strickland.