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Gay Marriage/Civil Unions

Some Christians regard gay marriage as "an abomination"; some don't. Some think people are born gay or straight; some think it is a matter of personal choice. My observations tell me that they are born that way.  In any case, the U.S. Constitution and judicial precedents since 1788 prevent our enforcing our own religious beliefs on others. When gays practice whatever they practice in the privacy of their own homes, it is none of our business.

Similarly, we don't have the right to declare private, consensual heterosexual activities unlawful. Imagine being hauled before a Grand Jury and being asked, under oath and subject to imprisonment for perjury, whether your private sexual practices were in keeping with rules developed by some religious group like the Islamic Fundamentalists (or Christian Fundamentalists).

It is not within the purview of Congress to strip gays of rights which are freely granted to heterosexuals.  Religious groups have the right to decide what unions they recognize.  We're only dealing with government here. 

Bush and the Right Wingers don't really care what gays can or cannot do. It is not a moral issue with them; it is an immoral political tactic. Their intent is to stir up voters who don't understand the reasons for, or the implications of, the "Separation of Church and State".


Defense of Marriage between a Man and a Woman

This is another version of the same political deception - again originating with George W. Bush.  The tactic is to defend an essential institution, thereby implying that the political opposition is attacking it.  They want to divert public attention from the real issues. 

For the record, no one is attacking marriage between a man and a woman.

An Ohio Republican candidate for governor (in the primary) spent untold millions to declare on TV that he was married to a woman. He also used annoying phone calls for the same message.  Presumably, that distinguished him from  the other Republican candidates in some manner.    As far as I know, all of his opponents were in heterosexual marriages.  If politicians are going to blast us with TV ads and phone calls, they should wait for a real issue.  This strange shadow boxing certainly didn't suggest that he was a good candidate for public office. 

By the way, I am married to a woman (the same one for 47 years).  Please allow this to serve as your notice of same.  I will not notify you of this in any TV ads or dinnertime phone calls.