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Constituent Services

Constituent requests for help with problems encountered with federal agencies will be handled in an orderly and efficient manner providing responsive and effective service.

For the last thirty years, my professional activities have been primarily to develop effective management systems.  These systems have been supported by computers but have concentrated on providing people an easy and effective access to information.  I will apply that experience to defining and implementing a problem tracking and solving system to serve the people of the 10th District.   I anticipate a system including the following elements:

  • All requests and related actions will be tracked on the internet.
  • Access to private information regarding an individual will be protected by confidential password. 
  • A person will be able to access the complete record of  his or her request, subsequent actions, responses, planned actions etc.  on the internet.  For those without internet access, staff members will access the files in response to a letter or phone call.  Staff members will verbally review and/or mail the complete record as requested. 
  • Pending actions, such as response from Federal agencies, will be assigned reasonable expected completion dates and staff follow up will be initiated for all overdue responses.
  • Notes will be entered by the assigned staff member appraising the progress made toward satisfying the request.
  • The system will be set up to recognize similar problems with the same or multiple agencies supporting working with those agencies to improve their processes.

I will provide the final design specifications and software to other members of Congress for separate use in their districts.  Generic problem data (private data excluded) aggregated over multiple districts would provide a larger picture of problems with the agencies.  That would facilitate problem solving leading to better service for everyone

I have many years of experience building such systems (See the Graham Business Process Improvement System and the EASE Project Management System as two examples of systems which I have developed.)  The key elements necessary to succeed in such developments are integrity, objectivity, and a consuming desire to make a positive difference.  These are the same as are evident in my campaign for Congress.