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Promote Green Energy and Achieve Energy Independence

  • Promote Wind, Solar, Clean Coal, Improved Nuclear, ...

  • Public Trans, Electric Cars, Natural Gas, Enzyme Ethanol

The development of alternative energy sources and the switching of energy usage from fossil fuels should be the headline program of the federal government much like the Man on the Moon program was in the 1960s. The goal should be complete energy independence in 10 years.  Reducing pollution and greenhouse gasses should be a companion effort.  Thomas Friedman presents an interesting view on this subject in an article printed in the Dayton Daily News on 3/25/2014

We should establish a blue ribbon panel, perhaps jointly selected by the Congress and the President, to study all alternative energy sources and conservation methods.  It must be immune from all corporate pressures.  That panel should issue an initial set of guidance within a year to be acted upon by Congress.  The panel should remain in business to follow progress and to investigate any new alternatives, breakthroughs in technology, or roadblocks encountered. It should report back to Congress on a yearly or more frequent schedule. 

The government should fund promising technology development uncovered by the panel.

Several alternatives appear to be sure bets and should be supported now.  Wind power and solar are the headliners currently.  We should continue to explore new methods of enzyme ethanol production using agricultural byproducts (such as corn stalks), garbage, plants grown on currently unproductive land, etc.   Similarly, biodiesel production should be explored.  We should cast the net fairly wide knowing that every effort will not bear fruit.  The US government should look at ways to speed up these developments.