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I am personally troubled by abortion.  I certainly do not like for it to be used as a form of birth control.  Late term abortions are particularly abhorrent and I would support laws preventing them.   At the same time, I am old enough to remember hearing of young girls dying in botched back alley abortions.

I don't think we have the right to compel a woman (or girl) by law to carry a baby to term when it may jeopardize her life or future health. Nor, do we have the right to compel her by law to carry a baby to term when the conception resulted from rape or incest.  We don't have the right to compel a woman by force of law to carry a baby to term when that baby will have a very time limited and/or poor quality of life.  A woman does have the right to make her own decision to carry a baby to term in any of those situations.

I think it is instructive to note the changes in attitude which take place when people are faced with situations in their own lives as opposed to pontificating about someone else's life.  The Reagan family became stem cell research advocates after dealing with Alzheimer disease themselves.  Vice President Cheney felt different about homosexuality when it occurred in his immediate family.  Jim Brady and his wife became gun control advocates after he was shot in the assassination attempt on President Reagan. We need to be careful about extreme zeal in advocating laws to impose our beliefs on others when we haven't walked the proverbial mile in their shoes.

All that being said, we need to do what we can as humans to make things better.  Lets not bomb each other or try to bring the wrath of the law on each other.  We need to bring pro-life and pro-choice people together to work to prevent unwanted pregnancies and to provide an adoption alternative to abortion.  We need to hold the males involved responsible for impregnating women and not providing care and support for the baby.  By our own example and our own religious testimony, we need to condemn the life style which leads to unwanted pregnancies.  This isn't a problem that laws are going to solve.  Both sides need to drop the venom and resort to compassion and effective action.