We Need Responsible Government, Elect Democrats
While Trump has added dangerous extremes of self serving, impulsive childishness, his domestic policy follows the long term Republican playbook.

GOP economic policy has long been driven by trickle down (aka supply side) theory which is rejected by virtually all economists. In a poll of the American Economic Association members during the Reagonomics period, only 12 of 18,000 working economists supported trickle down; 99.94% opposed it. The GOP (and now Trump) continue to propose tax breaks for the wealthy claiming that the money will trickle down to middle class, spur the economy, and cancel the deficit increase. It never has and never will work. Tax breaks for the wealthy just move the money to the top and deplete the middle class which businesses need to buy their products. Democrats support policies which will strengthen and expand the middle class. A strong middle class is the cornerstone of a strong economy.

Trump and the Republicans deny that global warming is increased by human activity and seek to weaken EPA rules. Trump has severely reduced EPA funding and rescinded environmental protections. He has withdrawn the U. S. from the Paris climate agreement. Science is being overruled by campaign sound bites, bluster, and willful ignorance. Trump has torpedoed the international cooperation essential to solving global warming. Democrats accept the scientific evidence and support responsible policies and international cooperation to combat global warming.

Republicans call Social Security and Medicare "entitlements" and promise to cut benefits, citing funding shortfalls. Democrats have stopped GOP attempts to privatize Social Security and to turn Medicare into a voucher program. But, Republican objectives are still to weaken those programs and kill them if possible. Shortfalls for both programs are easily solved by raising the salary cap from the current $118,500. Democrats created both programs and support adjustment of the cap to ensure long term funding.

In 2006 Republicans passed Medicare D drug plan which prohibited Medicare from negotiating drug prices. Immediately after its passage, its lead advocate in the House (GOP Representative Billy Tauzin) and supporting staff members resigned to take high paying positions in the drug industry. Republicans continue to protect that no-negotiate provision. This gift to the pharmaceutical industry takes $16 billion from Medicare funds annually. Democrats want Medicare to negotiate drug prices.

OSHA protection of workers runs counter to short term corporate profits and is fought by Republicans. Worker health and safety suffers. Democrats fight for worker health and safety.

Democrat Richard Cordray, Director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), is protecting consumers by forcing short and clear agreements and honest dealing by financial corporations. Trump and the GOP want to close the CFPB even though they can present no valid criticisms. They are serving financial corporation predatory practices. Democrats support Cordray and the CFPB and insist on fair business practices.

The 2017 GOP health care bill passed in the House removes $800 billion in taxes on the wealthy and effectively removes the ability of people with pre-existing conditions to buy affordable health insurance. The Senate has failed to pass worse bills thanks to a solid wall of Democrats and several courageous Republicans. Trump now says he will illegally block the payment of subsidies to insurance companies. Democrats propose improving the ACA. Democrats ultimately support enhanced Medicare for all. Like the single payer systems of all other industrialized nations, it would cover everyone and cost less than current health care. Small businesses would be helped by removing the employee health care burden.

The Citizens United decision by the right wing Supreme Court has opened the flood gates for corporate and other PAC money supporting GOP campaigns. An astounding $60 million was spent against Ted Strickland in the 2016 U.S. Senate race. Democrats support limits on campaign donations.

In summary, our government, under Republican control, serves the wealthy and does not serve us, the people. Because GOP policies will deplete the middle class, they do not even serve corporations in the long term. Is there an answer for us? Our only hope is that many more people will study the issues and vote in their own best interests and those of our entire nation.

Bill Conner (See ConnerforUS.com for this letter and more.) 10/14/2017