90% of voters say that Congress is ineffective and they're right.
In 2010, Republican Senate leader Mitch McConnell announced the Republican plan to oppose anything Obama wanted to make him a one term President. They would not have a legislative agenda. Republicans in the Senate and the House still follow that plan.
In the House, they followed the Hastert rule1 by which the Speaker allows a vote only on any legislation favored by a majority of his party. Thus many bills which would pass with bipartisan support are not considered. In this last year, John Boehner finally violated the Hastert Rule and two essential laws were passed in the House by bipartisan vote. He did that knowing that his party would force him out.
To waste time Republicans have done useless things like vote to repeal Obamacare over 60 times. They spent Congressional time on partisan witch hunts. Two of those, the Benghazi and email investigations, were aimed at damaging Hillary Clinton. Republican Majority leader Congressman Kevin McCarthy very publicly bragged that the Benghazi investigation, even though it turned up nothing, had brought down Hillary's approval numbers. Those two witch hunts have consumed a tremendous amount of time and money. Meantime, the real needs of the country go untended.
Recently, Congress passed a law to allow 911 victims to sue the Saudi government for damages. President Obama warned them before it passed that it would open the door for the citizens of other nations to sue this country and its citizens for casualties resulting from our operations in the Middle East. He warned them again in his veto message. After they overrode his veto, they suddenly accepted that Obama was right and the law was a mistake. " And Mitch McConnell said," I hate to blame President Obama for everything, but it was his fault."
In contrast to this Republican abuse of power, Democratic Speaker Tip O'Neil was legendary for working with President Reagan. Democratic Speakers Tom Foley and Nancy Pelosi disregarded the Hastert rule repeatedly getting no trouble from fellow Democrats.
Republicans have made a mockery of any pretense of serving the public interests. They need to be replaced.
Mike Turner has been part of this.

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He also took $25,000 from General Dynamics and sponsored a bill to fund a $150 million contract to GD for Abrams tanks which the Army didn't want. A great deal for GD. Great for Turner. Not good for us taxpayers or our Defense.
Rob Klepinger is a citizen who will represent us not partisan and special interests.