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Control of Our Seaports and Airports

2006 revelations that our seaports were controlled by foreign corporations were frightening.  The transfer of the contract for six of our ports to a firm from the United Arab Emirates was more frightening.  That the Bush administration supported and defended this situation is incomprehensible! 

The argument that it is OK because port officials are U.S. government employees is very weak.  Like any police force, the Port Authority has a very limited capability if it is not supported by the eyes, ears, and minds of the population it oversees. 

Any contracted support at our seaports and our airports should be restricted to companies which are totally owned by Americans.  These companies should have no foreign subsidiaries.  All employees at the ports should be American citizens.

 Any firm holding such contracts must convert to complete American owned status or give up the contract.  This may be accomplished by sale of the company, sale or closing of foreign subsidiaries, or sale of the contract to an American company.  Foreigners employed by these contracts must be replaced. If necessary, a port should be placed under military control until a legal contract is implemented.

Republicans have voted down efforts to increase funding for Homeland Security to provide for increased capabilities to detect weapons of mass destruction in shipping containers.  (They place a much higher priority on tax breaks for the rich.)    I will personally look into this and support increased funding to provide increased port security.