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Monopoly in News Media Ownership

A ruling by the FCC on 12/19/07 relaxed restrictions against joint ownership of newspapers and television stations in the same market.  The vote was 3 to 2 along party lines with Republicans supporting the relaxation and Democrats opposed.  The FCC chairman had gone through the motions of public hearings on the matter.  In those hearings, the overwhelming citizen testimony was opposed to the ruling.  Like the citizens who attended those hearings, I oppose this ruling and any other which leads to a single entity controlling the media in any market. 

This is just the tip of the iceberg of a national problem of single companies (and individuals like Rupert Murdoch) controlling substantial blocks of the media.  The individuals have and do exercise the power to dictate a slanted view on the American public. I will support legislation which will restrict the amount of any segment media owned by a single company or related group of companies to 1% nationally and 5% in any state.  That is, no company or group  may own newspapers having total a circulation greater than 1% of the total circulation of newspapers in the nation at large.  No company or group  may own broadcast or cable television or radio stations having total average number of viewers greater than 1% of that in the nation at large.