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Trade Deficit and Jobs

We simply cannot sit back and watch as the capabilities of our nation are sold off to foreigners.  Our nation will soon be an empty shell which will collapse.  We have lost most of our core manufacturing capability.  Now much of our intellectual capability is being supplanted by foreign nationals providing computer programming and other services over the internet. 

We must fight back.  We must renegotiate NAFTA, CAFTA, and GATT in the interest of this country, not in the interest of other countries and not for the short term benefit of the rich contributors to the Republican Party.  We must insist that International Labor Organization standards be applied to give workers in other nations a minimum wage and a decent standard of living.  Our workers cannot compete with Chinese workers making 20 cents an hour.  We should tax penalize U.S. corporations (and foreign enterprises operating in this country) when they export jobs.  We must enforce a trade balance with other countries.

These are complex matters.  They must be negotiated with the goal of promoting the long term best interests of our nation, not the short term profit of the contributors to the Republican Party.