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Major Issues

End Corporate Control of Congress, Restore Democracy
Health Care Reform - Better Health at Much Lower Cost 
Bank Regulation - Prevent Another Financial Collapse
Economy and Jobs
Secure Social Security - Raise the Wage Cap to $200,000
Promote Green Energy and Achieve Energy Independence
Immigration - Everyone Must be Registered

War on Terror 
Laws Should be Short, Concise and Clear

More Complete List

See this word of caution about using these issues to decide your vote.

List in Alpha Order

Defense and International:  War on Terror,  Illegal Immigration,  Control of Our Sea Ports and Airports

Economic:  Budget Deficit Reduction and Economic Recovery,  The Trade Deficit and Jobs,  Employee Collective Bargaining,  Bank Reregulation,  Fix Social Security,  Personal income Tax,  Civil Suit Damage Limitations,  Energy Gap,  Space Program,   Minimum Wage,  Supply Side Economics (Reagonomics),  Fairtax ( A bad idea)

Domestic - Health, Education, Welfare:  Universal Health Care,  Education (Nine Issues),  Shortage of Medical and Scientific Practitioners,  Environment,  Rebuilding Our Infrastructure

Political Reform and Congressional Operations:  Ethics in Congress,  Campaign Finance,  Term Limits,    Line Item Veto (Earmarking/Pork Barrel),  Unnecessary Complexity in Laws,  Constituent Services

Other:    Abortion,  Gun Control,  Gay Marriage and Defense of Marriage,  Separation of Church and State,  Monopoly in Ownership of News Media